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Kemahang Tricentrinial Celebration

Celebrating 300 years of kemahang Village

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There will be a tricentrinial celebration in Kemahang, the Center of Peninsular Malaysia along the month of December 2008. Let's participate in the 'camp in the wild' and explore the real virgin rainforest jungle. It's a once in a million chance of your life time to see real life animals, fauna and flora and heritage artifact of a stone age people.

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The Center of Peninsular Malaysia

Kemahang Wildlife Sanctuary

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Geographic center of Malaysia Peninsular is located in Kemahang Wildlife Sanctuary, 146 km away from the Northeast of Kuala Lumpur, 70 KM west of Jerantut, 38 KM south of Kuala Lipis and 260 south of Kelantan. It may be accessible by train to Kuala Lipis or Jerantut and then by road to Kemahang. The best accessibility is by road straight away to Kemahang, the gateway to Center of Malaysian Peninsular Wildlife Sanctuary.

Welcome to the World Oldest Rainforest in Malaysia. A 130 million years undisturbed evolution of totally protected virgin jungle offers plenteous of untouched diversity of flora and fauna. You will meet the evidence of the Middle Stone Age that never been explored before. Covering some 4,343 sq KM of tropical rainforest within its confines is Gunung Tahan at 2,187 meters, the higest mountain in West Malaysia. Let’s figure out whether this very mountain was an island before. You will be rendered speechless to see an amazing carcass of an old ship stranded on the hill top that may elucidate that this jungle was an island decade centuries ago.

Proto Malays who brought technology and weapon around 2,500 bc are the most immediate ancestor of today’s Yunan. The stone wall discloses earlier civilization transpired in this very jungle. Mesolithic people lived in the rock shelters and caves in Middle stone age about 8,000 bc. The ancestors of Negrito aborigines known as Semang people still lives nomad in this jungle snatching wild bee honey.

Have a camp site and jungle track the untouched flora that you might not seen in your life before.

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